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Legal metrology Certificate is a kind of license for selling or distributing all packaged goods in India. This is mainly done under the Legal metrology Act, 2009. Export goods, food products and consumer goods etc. requiring Metrology Certificate from the Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs. The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is a single act covering the rules of standards of weights and Measures Act, 1976 & standards of weight and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985. These types of registrations are more complicated and very expensive compared to other registrations. To make these process simple and hindrance free, our dedicated experts are guiding you through the process with their knowledge and experience.

Every business needs a Legal metrology Certificate. Our experts guide you all the intricacies of Legal metrology and the procedures under its Act, 2009. Our legal metrology consultants here to help you out all the necessary business registrations, renew licenses, comply with rules and other relative licenses. As a leading Legal Metrology experts in India, we are well-versed with the registration procedures laid down by the Government and help your business with full supports.

By using legal metrology certificate we can classified as a specific license and functioning procedure to implement weighing and measuring instruments and devices. It includes manufacturing, import, marketing and repair of measuring instruments and related equipment. Each and every company should do regular and periodic updates and license renewal towards the legal metrology department.

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The Controller means controller of the Legal Metrology allotted under the section 14.

The Director means Director of the Legal Metrology allotted under the section 13.

Importing in the sense bringing into India from a place outside India.

Exporting in the sense producing from one country and selling over another country

Label means the written, marked, stamped graphic matter affixed or appearing upon commodity.

Pre-packaged commodity which do not have any stamped graphic matter affixed.


The license is must for manufacturers, dealers andrepairer of weights &measures for dealing in weighing & measuring instruments.

Legal metrology treats units of weighment and measurement, methods weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments in accordance with the technical and legal requirement which are enabling the public guarantee.

For granting the license the controller of Legal Metrology Department is having the competent authority. The License Application should be submitted to the inspector of legal metrology.

The Packers are someone or a firm which pre-packs the commodity suitable for sale is a packer. Packers have to register themselves with the department of legalmetrology.

Calibration is the operation which is necessary for the purpose of determining the value of errors of a weight or measures. Likewise, if necessary verification and stamping of the capacity of the vehicle tank or its compartment is called Calibration. It is mainly to determine the other metrological properties of such weight or measures.

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