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Legal metrology is the process of applying to the legal requirements to the ‘measures’ and the ‘measuring instruments’.  Legal metrology certificate ensures accuracy of weightiness and measurements. Measurements are so much of our daily works like, we fill our cars by fuel in volume, and we consume electricity in measures, buy groceries in Kg like that. This protects the trade of the traders and helps the consumers. Verification made for the weights and measurements in the commercial establishments and  for fare metre in taxi or auto. Also the dispensing units of LPG and CNG have stamp and seal. Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore insist that the registration of packers and imported packaged commodities are measured using legal metrology.



The Department of weights and measure  now changed as Department of Legal Metrology. Government machinery has service orientation. The standards of weights and measures Act of 1976 gets replacement by standards of weight and measures Act 1985. Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore say that, in April 1, 2011 the provisions of Act came into force. The common collaborators in the legal metrology are manufacturers, packers, dealer, importer and repairer. The manufactures described under section 2 (i) of the Act,  described as the producer of weight or measure, producing the parts and weighing by self.

The packer defined as a person who packs which should be ready for sale. It has mention under regulation 2 (g). Also a dealer described in Section 2 (b) of the Act. The dealer involves in the process of buying, selling distributing the measures. They are dealers who work for the payment. Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore say that the importers are involved in the act of importing items from foreign countries. Those importers may be individual or a company. The repairer also has mention in section 2(p) of the Act. He repairs all the weights and measures. A person also has inclusion to clean, paint and to lubricate.


Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore have to declare their name, address of the manufacturers. They should also declare the name and address of the packers and importers. They should also declare generic names of the commodity.     The standard unit of weight and measure of the net quantity should also  declared. Declare month and the year of the commodity produced. The size and dimension and the retail sale price of the package should also be declared under the Act.

Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore speak about the offences are mentioned in Section 48 of the Act. The offences which happened before or after the prosecution of payment of a notified amount described under this section come into act. In companies a person gets appointment to take in charge of the legal metrology. If there happens any mishaps then the person holds the responsibility for the operations. The court suggests the company to take action against the person, by publishing the person’s name in the media by the cost on its own.

 What are the Penalties?

Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore say that the offences and penalties are described under Chapter V. The Section 27 of the Act provides penalty for producer of sale of non-standard weight or measure that shall be punishable with fine. Section 36(1) of the Act, says, if the goods produced with non-standard packages they will have imposition with fine. Also have to face imprisonment.

The Section 36(2) says that if any pre-packaged goods with error in net quantity they will have both fine and imprisonment. The imprisonments may be for the term of one year. The section 38 of the Act says that the non-registration by the importer of measure and weight.           It is a punishable offence with imprisonment for a term of six months with fine (either of these two or both). The regulation 32 of the rules imposes penalty on the non-registration of the producer of packer or the importer.

Role of Legal Metrology in the day to day affairs


Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore say that during 2019, legal metrology stood against the price hike of the milk that was supplied by Goa dairy and milk brands in Goa. The milk packets sold out. The dairy was planning to set up the milk price up to Rs.4 per litre. The cow milk was about to set up to the price Rs.2 per litre. Also in the year 2018, there came an up heave, when the prices of the water bottles inside and outside the malls differ. The water bottles inside the mall were higher and outside the mall were lesser. The Union food and consumers Minister brought an amendment to the Legal metrology (Packaged commodities) rules 2011. He said that the dual MRPs on pre-packaged commodity not levied on the customers unless the law insists. This came into force on January 1 2018.

Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram  said that also specifying the price on e-commerce platforms is also essential. The medical equipment such as stent should have the MRP tag on it. The medical devices declared as not as drugs also brought under the rule. In the recent times in this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the manufacturing activities are now halt. The inventory of packaging with pre-printed date of manufacturing should not exhaust in the time limit which is prescribed under the rules. Such goods with pre-printed dates of the materials valid until September. This rule is also applicable for the producers and packers who should declare the month and the year of manufacturing or packing under the Legal metrology rule 2011.

The Ministry of Consumer affairs has now allowed the stamping of stickers, online printings with correct date and the month which will not be utilized  during the COVID-19 outbreak. The stickers were in use earlier. Legal Metrology Certificate providers at Ramanathapuram Coimbatore provide the clients and the readers the whole knowledge about the registering process and its significance in the day to day lives of the people.


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