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 We provide legal metrology license in Coimbatore, Tirupur and Chennai. Legal Metrology is a division of the Consumer Affairs which came into force in 2009 and deals with the manufacture, import and supervision and control of weighing, measuring instruments and equipment and legal metrology certification/license is applicable for all the entities which manufacture, import and repacks the products. We help manufacturers and importers weighing and measuring tools and equipment to establish their company and obtain appropriate licenses and approvals under legal metrology act before start marketing their products. The Legal Metrology certificate in coimbatore Division falls under the Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Division of the Government of India, which regulates weights and measures. Only items of a specified weight or measure are recorded under the general rules. Within 7 days of receipt of the application, incomplete details if any must be returned by the Controller of Legal Metrology. If the application is completed in all respects, the Registration Certificate will be issued within 10 days of receipt of the application notifying the Legal Metrology Controller.

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Merits of Legal Metrology certificate

Measurement plays a key role in commercial practices. It demands that effective trade be transparent and create a balance between traders and consumers.

Reduces transaction costs

Frequent modification of poor measurement practice proves to be costly and time consuming. This affect businesses and consumers. In fact it is even more costly to initiate legal action against a trader who shows the courage to violate measurement laws. When measurements are made accurately and correctly in accordance with all the provisions of the Legal Metrology certificate in coimbatore, it will definitely reduce the cost and time.

Contributes to trade

The Legal Metrology Act is responsible for regulating illegal and unfair trade practices. The purpose of this law is to ensure that the measuring instruments are intact and in working condition so that they meet their purpose and international standards.

legal meterology certicate in coimbatore

The government also collects its revenue through excise duties levied on production, sale, import and exported products and taxes levied on measurement. The Legal Metrology license in coimbatore ensures that no injustice is done to the government in the matter of payment of tax. According to the mass commodity ratio, the contract mainly covers both exports of goods and import, for example, wood, rice, coffee, palm oil, coal, iron-mineral, gold, jewellery and natural gas.

Reduces technical barriers to trade

The burden of technical barriers are reduced.It promotes confidence and clarity of measurement. Small amounts of barriers increase a country’s courage and encourage them to participate in the world trade system, resulting in increased national economic growth. With the help of the Legal Metrology Act a merchant can avoid useless barriers in adoption, application of technical terms, standards and conformity assessment procedures.

Increase customer confidence

As soon as the customer realizes that they are receiving a certified product according to certain rules and regulations it increases their confidence in the merchant, which eventually leads to a healthy commercial relationship.

Functions of Legal Metrology certificate

Accuracy and accuracy play a key role in measurement. Simple and competent Legal Metrology license in ramanathapuram Framework moves confidence in trade, industry and buyer and brings acceptable status to leading business

Commitment to the country’s economy by expanding revenue in various sectors.

Important job in reducing revenue losses in coal, mines, industries, petroleum, railways.

Reduce the amount of damage and waste in the field of infrastructure.

Legal Metrology The work done in this way is crucial to the public interest. Executive, Legal Metrology certificate in singanallur is the statutory authority comprising of forces and functions approved under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 relating to inter-state trade and trade in activities including weights and pre-packaged products. Director, Legal Metrology is also responsible for formulating standards and maintaining discretion over the standards identified with Legal Metrology. The Director has important functions in the regulation, enforcement and research, regulation and enforcement capacity thinking to promote specialized field research, look, seizures, office registration and indictment.

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Stages of Registration

Model approval

Manufacturers / importers of weighing and measuring instruments should obtain permission from the Government of India before manufacturing and importing. The product is required to be tested from an LM approved laboratory by submitting the application along with the required set of documents and three samples.

Registration is granted by the Central Government

The certificate of approval mainly consists of:

  1. A brief description of the model
  2. The mark assigned to the approved model
  3. Category of weight or measure
  4. Brief statement of test results

Certificate of Approval Since 2011 “Legal Metrology (Model Approval) Regulations, effective 2011. Verification usually takes approx. 50-55 working days completed

Package Commodity Registration [PCR]

The Department of Consumer Affairs has developed strict rules and guidelines. All labels of measuring instruments sold in India must comply with the Legal Metrology certificate in saravanampatti Mandatory Statements:

  1. Manufacturer / Packer / Importer Name and Address
  2. Country of origin (for imported packages)
  3. Month and year of manufacturer
  4. M.R.P.
  5. The common or common name of the item in the package
  6. The net size (standard unit) must be approved and verified for each package

This LM registration must be taken within 90 days of the start of the business / first transaction

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Import license

The import licensing process can also begin as soon as the model is approved. Section 20 prohibits the importation of any weight or measure without model approval. The importer of measuring instruments, competing to do business in the Indian market must obtain an import license from the Director of Legal Metrology, Government of India.

The application along with the prescribed fee should be submitted.

Dealership license

In addition to the import license, a person or entity included in the business and marketing of the weights and measures required for a dealership license

Stamping and products

Each approved weight and measuring device shall be stamped by the State Legal Metrology license providers in peelamedu Officer or the Respective District Legal Metrology Inspector and inspected and certified to the established standards.

After certification, a stamp determining the year and the corresponding quarter will be placed on each certified device. Finally, the certificate is issued by the concerned officer as per Schedule VIII of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

Recent update

The Deputy Director of Legal Metrology has issued a letter to the Direct Selling Entities dated 28 September 2020 regarding compliance with the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Regulations, 2011.

Manufacturer / packer / importer name and address, country of origin, item name, net quantity, month / year of manufacture / pre-packing / import Retail sale price (MRP) of Rs … (inclusive of all taxes) and consumer care details in the form of date, month and year ‘best or use’ of the item unfit for human consumption after a while. To know more about legal metrology certificate, click here.

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