Legal metrology certificate- Scope, latest news

    Legal Metrology is the science of measurement. The legal metrology certificate has the issuance when applied in that field. Actually Legal metrology should not have confusion with “meteorology”, the science of weather and weather forecasting. Metrology includes units of measurement and its standards. Measuring instruments and all theoretical and practical problems related to the field and measurement of […]

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What is Legal metrology certification in Coimbatore?

    Legal Metrology is a division of the Consumer Affairs Division, which came into force in 2009 and deals with the manufacture, import and supervision and control of weighing, measuring instruments and equipment and legal metrology certification. Solubilis assists manufacturers and importers in weighing and measuring tools and equipment to establish their organization and obtain appropriate licenses and approvals […]

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Legal Metrology Certificate/License providers at Ramanathapuram- Coimbatore

                              Legal metrology is the process of applying to the legal requirements to the ‘measures’ and the ‘measuring instruments’.  Legal metrology certificate ensures accuracy of weightiness and measurements. Measurements are so much of our daily works like, we fill our cars by fuel in volume, and […]

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